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Amazon Suppressing Reviews to Benefit Sellers!

I have reviewed many products on Amazon, but recently I got a notice that one of my reviews was suppressed at the behest of the seller, which has only 1 review, a 5 star. I was astounded. I gave the product a 3 star review, saying that while it looks nice, it does not deter real herons from attacking our koi pond, as it is advertised to do.  I protested to Amazon, which promised to get back to me, explaining the reason and justification for suppressing a legitimate review, but after 3 months,  I still have not heard back from them. I suspect that there is some collusion between Amazon and their larger retailers. So, I am just saying, BEWARE of glowing reviews.

Amazon suppressing legitimate review

Initial Question: Why was my REVIEW Suppressed??? I said the product looked good but did NOT deter real cranes from eating my fish. Why was my FAIR review removed and this one, perhaps a shill allowed???
Order #

02:28 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: The product is advertised as a decoy to deter herons, it did not work
02:28 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): Hello, my name is Michael. I hope you’re doing well. I am sorry to read that you have this issue. I’ll be happy to help you.
02:28 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: I think my review was fair.
Why was it allowed to be suppressed. I gave the product 3 stars.
02:29 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): I understand let me check on this
02:29 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: I’ve done many reviews. All fair and none mean.
02:32 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): sorry for the delay, I’m researching on this
02:34 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): Jefferis, this goes beyond what I can do, so I’ll transfer this to the department that can give you the answer you are looking for
I’ll email them this information and they will contact you back
02:35 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: Okay, thank you. This is the first time someone has suppressed my review and I think it not good for Amazon or for their business.
May I end the chat then?
02:38 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): sure, have a great day, I’ll send a confirmation email for the transfer to another department
02:38 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: thank you
Thank you.

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The Hobby Lobby Decision and What it Means for the Church

The Supreme Court upheld religious liberty and freedom of conscience in its 5-4 decision on Monday, and in doing so, avoided the same mistake the Court made when it upheld the rights of slave owners in the Dred Scott decision and ensured the Civil War. The Dred Scott case not only restored the rights of slave owners to recapture runaway slaves in the Northern States, but made those who did not believe in slavery complicit in their capture and return. In other words, it forced those who hated slavery to comply with slavery by handing slaves back to their masters. This legal decision to deny freedom of conscience only served to strength Abolitionist sentiment and helped precipitate the Civil War.Dred Scott, whose famous case to gain his free...

Noting that then, as today, we have a sharply divided country on the issue of just “who” is entitled to the protection of life and liberty, that narrowly divided Supreme Court is reflective of that divide. The belief that abortion is indeed murder is a conviction that will not disappear with the stroke of the judge’s pen, as has been amply demonstrated by over 40 years of conflict and social disaffection.

However, this decision is a lesson for the Church and what happens when the true people of God come together in the agreement of prayer: things change for the better. We are often discouraged and downcast by the organized media, thinking that the people of God have no effect or power when it comes to the government or the world. We are targeted for such discouragement on purpose by the media, who would just like us to disappear, go away, and stop upholding our convictions about life, faith, justice and morals in the public square. The left leaning media and the blue-blood Republicans consider us a thorn in the side of liberalism on the one hand and unrestrained commerce on the other. In spite of how alone we feel and how powerless we are told we have become, we will cannot change our convictions or our faith.

An Angel Releases the Apostle Peter

An Angel Releases the Apostle Peter (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

There was also another time, when the “Church” was less than a few thousand people, had no political power, was persecuted by the government and by their own religious institutions, and all they could do was pray. Even then, they did not believe in the effectiveness of their prayers; they seemed so small. The story goes that Peter was arrested and put in prison (Acts 12), and the church was gathered together to “earnestly pray” for his release. And the night before he was to be put on trial, an angel opened the prison doors and set Peter free. Peter comes to the house of prayer, but when he gets there, the people refuse to believe that their prayers have been answered:

“And when he knocked at the door of the gateway, a maid named Rhoda came to answer. Recognizing Peter’s voice, in her joy she did not open the gate but ran in and told that Peter was standing at the gate. They said to her, “You are mad.” But she insisted that it was so. They said, “It is his angel!” But Peter continued knocking; and when they opened, they saw him and were amazed.” -Acts 12:13-16

My point is this: when the people of God pray in unity for righteousness, our prayers can be answered even when, individually, we don’t believe in the power or effectiveness of our prayers. This decision shows that the great grass-roots, hidden from the eyes of the media and the powers of this age, have more power and effectiveness than they realize, and such a result should give us hope and courage to continue on in prayer for our nation and the Lord’s salvation. Many are the prayers of the saints that have gone up to God from all across the nation regarding our right to be free to practice our faith and follow the liberty of conscience. Those sometimes fumbling, stumbling, and “hardly expecting an answer” prayers have indeed been heard. God hears and the nation is held in the balance. Those prayers make a difference! Let’s see what else the Lord will do through us!

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Limitations of the Creative Cloud for Rural Internet – Adobe Community

Download CC to a flash drive to Port to desktop? | Adobe Community.

I have moved to a rural area with top speed of 1.5Mbps. I am finding that I cannot download Creative Cloud products because it either takes too long (overnight sometimes) and/or my computer will go to sleep or time out even when I have it set to not go into sleep mode.

For major updates to software, I go to my daughter’s with cable modem and download to my laptop and port over to my workstation with a flash drive…

I do NOT see a download file for CC products where I can do that. Are they hidden in some folder? Is it possible? Obviously I can’t cart my desktop around with me. I’m on a Mac system, btw.

If this is not a solution, I will not be able to maintain a CC account.

Renewlife.org – Domain Name For Sale

RenewLife.org is now available for sale:

This site has been used by a Psychological Counseling Center and by a Nutrition and Supplement Sales Company. The URL is short, meaningful, and useful.
Appraisal Value:

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you on the evaluation of your domain name. The intended use of this appraisal is to assist in the analysis of the domain name renewlife.org for valuation purposes. In preparing this summary, we have utilized statistics and tools from previous evaluations to determine the current and potential market value of your domain(s). This appraisal will give the owner and prospective buyers an accurate and professional evaluation based on the most current market data available in the domain industry.

It is the professional opinion of Sell-my.com Holdings Ltd. that the current market value of your domain renewlife.org should be set at a minimum of $2,400.00 USD. Thank you for the opportunity to appraise your domain name. We appreciate your business. On Sale $1,500.  Bids Welcome

Make an Offer Here

Domain Appraised:


Evaluation SummaryCriteria‌
Name Length
Good (9)
Brand Recognition
Development Value
Dot. Value
Fair (.org)
Site Traffic
Current Market Value‌‌
Potential Market Value
$7,200.00 USD plusWe thank you for this opportunity to serve you and look forward to working with you in the future! Sell-my.com Support Team
Sell-my.com – Buy, Sell and Appraise Domain Names Evaluation Model
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Review: TOMTOM GO with Lifetime Maps and Traffic — IS A NO GO!

TOMTOM has totally screwed up.  I bought a GO 2505 with Lifetime Maps and Traffic last year thinking this was a great deal.  However, their engineers are so incompetent that they have made it impossible to update your USA and Canada Maps.  I did one update in the Spring, but with the latest map 9.3, you cannot install it because it says the GO does not have enough memory on the device. To install the new map, you are supposed to remove the current map (9.25), but you cannot remove it because  the TOM must have one map installed at all times.  The website advice is to add an SD card while updating so that it appears you have more available memory. Well guess what, the 2505 doesn’t have a slot for an SD Card!   So my LifeTime Maps and Traffic is neither.
TOMTOM G0 is A NO GO - Fails to update
The Good: does a decent job of navigating, with a nice large screen.
It does give alternate suggestions regarding traffic.

The BAD:  TOMTOM is using incompetent programmers to create a situation where they have made it impossible to update your maps.

NOT HAPPY AT ALL…. Garmin anyone?  Anyone???
Bottom line: Don’t buy TOMTOM if you think you are getting life time maps and traffic!

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Aw, Snap! Switching Away from Chrome to Firefox

I’m a long time Mac user.  About 3 years ago, I switched from Safari to Google Chrome as my default browser .  There are a lot of nice features with Chrome and a good deal of utilities and plugins. However, over the past several months, I’ve noticed more and more instability with Chrome, and when I check my CPU usage, Chrome daemons are latching onto tons of memory chunks in the background.  I have noticed more Aw Snap! crashes on pages and finally, it is less friendly for inspecting web pages than is Firefox. I do a lot of CSS inspecting of pages, and for whatever reason, Firefox is much less confusing and just works.

It isn’t just me.  My partner at IGOTA, LLC has noticed the same thing on his Windows system. He is also switching to Mozilla Firefox.  So, to keep my system current, I exported my bookmarks from Chrome and uploaded them to Firefox. I’ll let you know if anything changes…

Google Crash on Pages

Google Crash on Pages

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Spam Using Breached Contact List / Address Book

In the past 3 weeks, I have started receiving spam emails using friends’ email as FROM. I notice 3 things about these emails:

  1. They have many contacts from my friends’ address / contact list in the TO list, which means the spammer has or had access at some point to my friends’ email accounts. 
  2. When my friends run up to date Anti-Virus scans on their computers, they find no malware or problems.
  3. The originating IP address is not the user’s account. For example I have this happen to friends whose email accounts are either Yahoo or AOL, but the originating IP address is perhaps in France or as in the case today, from:

Received: from unila.ac.id (unknown []) by zimbra.unila.ac.id

Even the emails don’t originate from Yahoo or AOL, I strongly suspect it was their online accounts that were hacked at some point. 

If anyone has heard how these spammers are getting these address books, I’d be interested in knowing what is happening. I do note that one of my friends never sends me email with multiple addresses in the TO list, so I don’t think it was just a case of harvesting. 


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