A Mac Alternative to Hootsuite – Scheduled Posting to Social Media

MacJournal provides a low cost alternative to Hootsuite, but with a limited set of features. Good for low budget management projects, but not for continuous marketing.

Amazon Suppressing Reviews to Benefit Sellers!

Beware of glowing reviews on Amazon reviews. Negative, and even neutral reviews may be suppressed at the request of preferred sellers! My 3 star review was suppressed for no apparent reason. Amazon will not explain why my fair review was removed!

The Hobby Lobby Decision and What it Means for the Church

The Hobby Lobby decision shows the power of prayer when the people of God pray together in unity and with one voice. Liberty of conscience and freedom of religion is preserved and the Supreme Court avoided making the same mistake it made with Dred Scott.

Limitations of the Creative Cloud for Rural Internet – Adobe Community

Download CC to a flash drive to Port to desktop? | Adobe Community. I have moved to a rural area with top speed of 1.5Mbps. I am finding that I cannot download Creative Cloud products because it either takes too long (overnight sometimes) and/or my computer will go to sleep or time out even when […] – Domain Name For Sale is now available for sale: This site has been used by a Psychological Counseling Center and by a Nutrition and Supplement Sales Company. The URL is short, meaningful, and useful. Appraisal Value: Thank you for the opportunity to represent you on the evaluation of your domain name. The intended use of this appraisal is […]

Review: TOMTOM GO with Lifetime Maps and Traffic — IS A NO GO!

TOMTOM is using incompetent programmers to make maps that are so large you cannot install them on your device, making it impossible to update your Lifetime Maps.

Aw, Snap! Switching Away from Chrome to Firefox

I’m a long time Mac user.  About 3 years ago, I switched from Safari to Google Chrome as my default browser .  There are a lot of nice features with Chrome and a good deal of utilities and plugins. However, over the past several months, I’ve noticed more and more instability with Chrome, and when […]


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