God, Time, and Foreknowledge – How Can God Know the Future?

Time is a limited dimension, bounded by gravity and the speed of light. God exists above the limitations of the space-time continuum, and in fact created Time. Foreknowledge is possible to God because his existence is above the 4 physical dimensions we experience. His being in heaven is possibly like the 5th dimension, which is not subject to the limitations of natural time.

Mischief by Statute – a Prophetic view of the Role of the Supreme Court, from 1995

The Supreme Court is a Law Unto Itself – severed from the underlying principles of freedom, the nature of the Constitution, and the derivation of “rights” as the Founders understood them. This prophetic analysis of the Court’s behavior from 1995 leads directly to the decisions handed down in 2015.

Love Interrupted

God wants fellowship with us, but our shame guilt and fear causes us to withdraw from his presence, when all he wants is a relationship. God has a problem: how does he overcome our fear?

I’ve Had it With Yahoo! as My Home Page

I’ve Had it With Yahoo! as My Home Page

Yahoo! hijacks the search field focus. Time to try out alternative portal pages as my home page.


The fact that the TTP (Trans-pacific partnership) t is so secret that its contents cannot be revealed to the American people for 4 years after it has passed is an affront to the democratic process and the liberties of the people. It is the greatest power grab by the government, over and against the people, since the founding of the Republic.

A Mac Alternative to Hootsuite – Scheduled Posting to Social Media

MacJournal provides a low cost alternative to Hootsuite, but with a limited set of features. Good for low budget management projects, but not for continuous marketing.

Amazon Suppressing Reviews to Benefit Sellers!

Beware of glowing reviews on Amazon reviews. Negative, and even neutral reviews may be suppressed at the request of preferred sellers! My 3 star review was suppressed for no apparent reason. Amazon will not explain why my fair review was removed!


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