Spam Using Breached Contact List / Address Book

In the past 3 weeks, I have started receiving spam emails using friends’ email as FROM. I notice 3 things about these emails: They have many contacts from my friends’ address / contact list in the TO list, which means the spammer has or had access at some point to my friends’ email accounts.  When my friends run […]

Obamacare’s phony numbers? – Updated

How many of the 7.1 “enrollees” lost their insurance first due to Obamacare? How many already had insurance and switched? 7.1 have logged in but how many have purchased? This appears to be one giant shell game…
rising insurance premiums put the lie to the “Affordable” Care Act.

Why I Never Watched “How I Met Your Mother”

Why I Never Watched “How I Met Your Mother” and why I don’t care it’s over. the premise of the show was really weird… sit down and tell your children about all your sexual encounters before you met their mother…

Tithing is By The Law, But Generosity is By Faith

Tithing is an Old Covenant Law, but rarely mentioned after the Resurrection of Jesus. The New Covenant grace is faith to become a generous giver; not to fulfill a legal requirement of 10 percent.

Major Duck Dynasty Flap

Originally posted on Seth's Oasis:
The story and future of Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson are still evolving…though at this point A&E has stated that, “The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely” due to his recent remarks during a GQ interview about those living an active homosexual lifestyle based upon 1 Corinthians…

The Boneyard – Thoughts on the Passing of Time and Old Friendships

On Class Reunions: There is something in the memory of youth that makes us want to return here… memories that are still living in our mind’s eye and not dead. Times of play and joy, easier times, lesser responsibilities, when we all believed in the illusion of our own immortality. Friendships, like a tribe, have lasted a lifetime. When we meet up, it is as if all the years between have disappeared and we are back to our youth. There is something here we have shared, we shared with no one else. But there is also something in our memories, which speak to our hope for eternity. It is a memory almost forgotten… buried under leaves and grass… that life goes on even after the parting of familiar friends.

Why I Hated Lee Daniels’ The Butler

But then I found out just how much of it was fiction, a political stage to vent misplaced rage, and how cynical a manipulation is Hollywood in its use of “history” to reinforce its arrogant condescension. The true in the “true story” is that there was a man who worked as a butler in the White House, but that is about as far as it went. The rest of this is spoiler, so be forewarned.

The Decline and Fall of the Democrat Party

The high ideals expressed by John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address to the Nation spoke of sacrificial service to the country and the world. Today, the Democrat party is all about what the government can do for you. How far we have fallen.

The Decline and Fall of the United States

A nation that rejects its moral foundation is set adrift and will find itself incapable of governing. The chaos of unrestrained self-interest leads to moral chaos and a breakdown of the social fabric that unites a people. We are experiencing this breakdown before our very eyes.

Global Persecution of Christians

Originally posted on Seth's Oasis:
The war on Christians The global persecution of Christians is the unreported catastrophe of our time John L. Allen Jr. Imagine if correspondents in late 1944 had reported the Battle of the Bulge, but without explaining that it was a turning point in the second world war. Or what…


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