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Watch Out! Facebook Cloned Fakes of Friend’s Pages!

Facebook Friends’ pages are cloned and look like the real thing.

Facebook Starts a Rebellion with it’s new policies

Facebook has created user backlash with its new “WE OWN EVERYTHING YOU POST” policies. I suspect many people will be dropping Facebook. Consider how all business pages’ content will now be owned and distributed by Facebook. Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg, or should I say, Mark Sucker Borg… You will be assimilated?

Facebook Link Spamming… new tactic using Likes

Link Farms from India are using Facebook “Likes” to promote link rankings.

Facebook is Bad For Business – The New Timeline and Old Ad Policy

Facebook’s new timeline is bad for business. Their ad policy is arbitrary

Google Has Gone Pornographic

Google is putting out pornographic video search results even when safe search is on.