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Obama, Racism, and The Presidency

For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. – Hosea 8:7 Let me first say that I have been a pastor in an all Black congregation (we didn’t call ourselves African-American back then… we called ourselves “Black” and were not ashamed of it!). Although I did not vote for him, I had […]

FAA Lays off the Workers

Ain’t it just like the government? Lay off the people who actually do the work, but keep the bureaucrats in place??? Thank you Mr. President for punishing the American People for political advantage… Cynical, without a doubt.

The Big Losers in Tuesday’s Election? Blue Blood Republicans. (Part 1)

Fiscal Conservatism and Blue Blood Republicanism was the big loser in Tuesday’s election. The majority of Americans voted against the “rich” and for more benefits for themselves.

Shovel Ready? Yes.. for Chinese Companies Taking Jobs from US Labor

President Obama’s Stimulus Money given to Chinese Companies.

How’s That Apology Tour Working Out for You Now, Mr. President?

The President’s apology tour backfires. An Arab Spring has turned into an Arab Winter. And in spite of all our “help” with the overthrow, the people we “helped” have turned against us. The Neo-Cons did not understand the Middle-East’s resistance to Western style secular democracy; Apparently, the Neo-Marxists did not understand that sympathy to Muslim interests would not help us win friends and influence people.