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Bothered by Robo Calls, try YouMail

Bothered by Robo Calls, try YouMail

“Don’t hang up. We have an important announcement about your credit…” Ever heard that message on your cell phone? Does the caller look like it is coming from your area code and exchange? Are you frustrated, annoyed, and angry at your inability to block all these numbers, because every time you block one, they fake […]

My Love Affair with Apple May Be Over :-(

What was always the selling point for me in the Apple universe was the simplicity of the user interface with the intuitive nature of its functions. That is no more, and I am so frustrated with the way things are going that I’m a seriously thinking about dumping many things Apple. From a long time, hardcore user, that foretells a dangerous future for Apple.

Android: Import Apple AddressBook Contact Groups

Transferring my Apple AddressBook and iCalendar to the Android turned out to be a lot simpler than I thought and I found two ways of doing it.