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Apple Apps Fail to Update in iOS9

Apple Apps Fail to Update in iOS9

iOS9.2.1 has not fixed the global problem of apps stuck and failing to update on iPhones and iPads

My Love Affair with Apple May Be Over :-(

What was always the selling point for me in the Apple universe was the simplicity of the user interface with the intuitive nature of its functions. That is no more, and I am so frustrated with the way things are going that I’m a seriously thinking about dumping many things Apple. From a long time, hardcore user, that foretells a dangerous future for Apple.

Beware Intuit QuickBooks tech “support” SCAM!

Quickbooks “tech support” is a scamming operation more interested in selling upgrades than in helping you fix your problems.

Warning: iTunes 10 does not support midi files!

iTunes 10 will not play midi files

Faxing in Mac OS Lion 10.7.4

It is possible to fax from Mac OS Lion. Here’s how

Android: Import Apple AddressBook Contact Groups

Transferring my Apple AddressBook and iCalendar to the Android turned out to be a lot simpler than I thought and I found two ways of doing it.

There’s No App for that!

The real story on Apple’s surrendering to pressure from ONE offended group.

Apple Hates Christians – Boycott Apple

Apple displays bigotry and hatred towards Christian Beliefs. It seeks to censor Christian points and views and censor those who have traditional family and moral values. Apple calls those who hold traditional values “offensive.” The only hope is a boycott.

Apple Decides it is Okay to Discriminate Against Christians

Apple’s Recent Decision to Ban the Manhattan Declaration App Represents a New LOW in the Control of Thought, Debate, and Left Wing Orthodox

Switching from Entourage – Day 13 – Testing Eudora 7

Testing at Eudora 7 as an IMAP reader.