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Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard for Mac – A Review

Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard for Mac – A Review – It’s a pleasure to use and not too loud.

Return To Entourage – The Perils of Outlook 2011 on the Mac

The Eclectic Rant. Outlook has Crashed with Error 255 – Warning to all: Stay AWAY From Outlook If you followed my previous attempts to flee Entourage for a faster, safer and more current email program, you may remember that I have tried and liked Postbox 2, but was not sold on it because of the […]

Apple Decides it is Okay to Discriminate Against Christians

Apple’s Recent Decision to Ban the Manhattan Declaration App Represents a New LOW in the Control of Thought, Debate, and Left Wing Orthodox

Returning to Entourage… for now…

After a long test of Postbox, I’m returning to Entourage for now.

Transitioning to Postbox – Day 19

The Transition Process from Entourage to Postbox. Setting up, importing mail, creating filters, finding bugs, and cosmetic issues.

Powermail Day 10, Powermail is losing favor :-(

Powermail is showing its age and possible frailty.

Powermail 6 day 5 – moving from MS Entourage

Powermail 6 differences from MS Entourage on the Mac

Entourage is Dead! Microsoft Loses it’s way with Mac Customers…

Microsoft’s per installation fee for Office 2011 on the Mac is a deal killer.