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Powermail 6 day 5 – moving from MS Entourage

I’m now on day 5 of my switch to Powermail from Entourage. I did not find my gold mine or oasis yet. Fortunately, I have had Powermail for a LONG time and I had some filters set up, which I had to modify to match the new folders layout.  But I have run into a few problems and inconveniences:

  1. In Entourage, I can send messages to Groups and then Expand the Group and remove people from the outgoing mail individually. I have about 20 people with whom I share jokes, but I don’t send them back to the ones who have already received them or the one who sent it to me. I sent using BCC. But there is no way to edit and outgoing group in PM without editing the group’s members in Address Book.
  2. Some of my filters are not catching members of groups and I’m not sure why. I sort incoming mail by group membership. Either that, or it is not catching incoming mail by labels.
  3. If Address Book is used as the default AB in Powermail, you cannot label an address.
  4. Clicking URL links in emails does not always work. It is a known issue, but when and why it works and why it doesn’t is a mystery.
  5. You cannot save common search features like saving a display of unread mail. There is a recent mail, but that does not display unread mail.
  6. You cannot create an HTML email.
  7. Although I have Powermail set to delete emails from the server that I have deleted from PM, it fails to delete them on next connection.
  8. Sometimes it retrieves emails and then removes them from the server instead of leaving them on the server as instructed. This is important for me when I travel and need to have copies left on the server to be downloaded when I get home.

I’m still struggling to like this setup, but I’d say so far, it is just an okay solution. I miss some of the functionality of Entourage.

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