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Google Starts to Act Like Republicans?!

Google was a huge Obama supporter. But they are moving their profits offshore to avoid paying taxes. Why are they acting exactly like Romney and Bain Capital, if what Romney was doing was so wrong? Did they callously donate just so that could use that influence to avoid inquiries into their tax avoidance schemes?

Why Going Over the Fiscal Cliff is a Good Idea… maybe…

The President is willing to go over the fiscal cliff. It might not be such a bad idea: taxes are raised, entitlements and defense are cut, and no one has to vote and offend their constituents. Austerity is forced upon us and we start with a lower baseline.

Why Republicans Have Nothing to Lose Over the Fiscal Cliff

With their backs up against the wall, the Republicans Have Nothing to Lose By Going Over the Fiscal Cliff

Shovel Ready? Yes.. for Chinese Companies Taking Jobs from US Labor

President Obama’s Stimulus Money given to Chinese Companies.

How’s That Apology Tour Working Out for You Now, Mr. President?

The President’s apology tour backfires. An Arab Spring has turned into an Arab Winter. And in spite of all our “help” with the overthrow, the people we “helped” have turned against us. The Neo-Cons did not understand the Middle-East’s resistance to Western style secular democracy; Apparently, the Neo-Marxists did not understand that sympathy to Muslim interests would not help us win friends and influence people.

Giving Money to the Government in Taxes is Like Handing Out Cash to a Drunk

Democrats want to solve our 16 trillion dollar debt by raising taxes. Giving the government more money in taxes is like handing out cash to a drunk on the street. You hope he will use it to by food, but you know good and well he is only going to spend it on more booze.

Whitehouse Birth Certificate is Indeed a Forgery

The Obama Birth Certificate on the Whitehouse website has all the indications of being a forged document, with layers completely retained in Adobe Illustrator.

Common Sense, Common Man vs. Harvard Intelligentsia

Sarah Palin is roundly hated by the Left, the media elites, Republican Blue-Bloods, and the political intelligentsia who want the country to be run by people who “know what’s best” for the common man. Those who should run the country, in their eyes, are Harvard and Yale educated wunderkinds, like Geithner, Paulson, the investment house of Goldman Sachs, and all the wonderful people who gave us derivatives, cap and trade, Enron, bailouts, the housing crisis, and stimulus packages.