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Google Starts to Act Like Republicans?!

Boy, talk about the height of hypocrisy!  All the left-wing companies that poured money into President Obama’s campaign for re-election are avoiding federal taxes by funneling their profits offshore to low tax havens like Bermuda.   I thought they loved the Democrat platform of higher taxes on the rich and taxing corporations for their “fair share.”  But it seems it is okay to tax small business profits, but when it comes to large  corporations, they seem to be buying their special favors with large donations:

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

University of California $1,092,906
Microsoft Corp $761,343
Google Inc $737,055
Harvard University $602,992

Google was a huge Obama supporter.  Yet why are they acting exactly like Romney and Bain Capital if what Romney was doing was so wrong?  Did they callously donate just so that could use that influence to avoid inquiries into their tax avoidance schemes?

If taxes are so right, then Google also ought to pay up, just like they want the little guy making $250,000 to do. My point?  You can stir up emotions and think you are voting to help the common man, but the whole system is still rigged by powerful special interests and large corporations, using their money to buy influence and power, and it has nothing to do with justice or “fairness” for the middle class.  At least the Republicans are honest about it; while the Democrats just act like Republicans but pretend to be all in for the common man.


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