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Bothered by Robo Calls, try YouMail

Bothered by Robo Calls, try YouMail

“Don’t hang up. We have an important announcement about your credit…” Ever heard that message on your cell phone? Does the caller look like it is coming from your area code and exchange? Are you frustrated, annoyed, and angry at your inability to block all these numbers, because every time you block one, they fake […]

Spam Using Breached Contact List / Address Book

In the past 3 weeks, I have started receiving spam emails using friends’ email as FROM. I notice 3 things about these emails: They have many contacts from my friends’ address / contact list in the TO list, which means the spammer has or had access at some point to my friends’ email accounts.  When my friends run […]

Facebook Link Spamming… new tactic using Likes

Link Farms from India are using Facebook “Likes” to promote link rankings.

Twitter Spam (a.ka. Verbal Diarrhea) on Linkedin

Twitter users over do it with incorrect settings on their Linkedin Accounts! Here is how to avoid annoying your connections.