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Google Starts to Act Like Republicans?!

Google was a huge Obama supporter. But they are moving their profits offshore to avoid paying taxes. Why are they acting exactly like Romney and Bain Capital, if what Romney was doing was so wrong? Did they callously donate just so that could use that influence to avoid inquiries into their tax avoidance schemes?

Why Republicans Have Nothing to Lose Over the Fiscal Cliff

With their backs up against the wall, the Republicans Have Nothing to Lose By Going Over the Fiscal Cliff

The Big Losers in Tuesday’s Election? Blue Blood Republicans. (Part 1)

Fiscal Conservatism and Blue Blood Republicanism was the big loser in Tuesday’s election. The majority of Americans voted against the “rich” and for more benefits for themselves.

Tom Corbett’s New Budget Cuts and Teacher Layoffs, PA

Twelve years of fiscal irresponsibility by democratic administrations have created a budget crisis leading to the layoff of teachers and a crisis in school funding in Pennsylvania