God’s Sovereign Call

God’s Sovereign Call

Paul was called, Paul was chosen by the will of God. He was chosen against his will. He did not seek, ask, or desire. He was chosen by the Grace of God.
In fact, he was radically opposed to God and hated God. He fought God with all his might!

I Was in FedEx Jail for 3 Days

I Was in FedEx Jail for 3 Days

I was in FedEx jail for 3 days awaiting a package that needed a signature. It was like waiting for the cable guy who promises to come but doesn’t show up.

Surprise, Surprise… I Sold 2 Artworks on Instagram

I followed a tutorial on how to set up my art work for sale on Facebook and Instagram. It is a very complex process, and it is kind of weird that you can’t see your store on your Instagram page from a computer, but can if you are on a mobile device. Anyway, I didn’t […]

FASO – Art Marketing Site Reviewed

FASO – Art Marketing Site Reviewed

Review of, an art marketing website. My experience with advertising, sales, and promotions, and the lack of good demographic information to gauge the effectiveness of marketing materials.

Covid – Religious Exemptions to Mandated Vaccine

Being Forced to “vaccinate” for work or lose your job? What happened to the idea of “my body my choice” used by those who advocate abortion? Ironic, isn’t it? Those same people now want to take away your choice. If you have an objection to being forced to take an experimental shot with an increasing number of […]

Persecution: A Promise from Jesus

A Tag Team Sermon with Gary Fine Blessed Are The Persecuted              Gary’s Notes:                                               2 Timothy 3:12  Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be […]

PIERS CORBYN Man-Made Climate Change Does not Exist!

Piers Corbyn argues that Man-made Global Warming caused by CO2 is “nonsense”. Instead, he argues that “In the long run CO2 levels are an EFFECT NOT A CAUSE of changes in Climate / temperatures,” and that it is the sun that drives climate. He challenges whoever is willing in Reading University or other appropriate institutions […]

Healing is God’s Will For Us – All The Time

Healing is God’s Will For Us – All The Time If Jesus were here today in this room, how many of you would doubt that you could go up to him and he would heal you? You believe he would because that is what he did when he was on the earth. Did he ever turn anyone down who came to him? No. It says “he healed them all…”

Transgenderism is a Religion and its Enforcement Violates the First Amendment.

Transgenderism is a belief that is not upheld by science. A person claims to be transgender by identification, which is an mental or emotional attachment to an idea. The person who claims to be a female, but is in fact a male, is denying the scientific fact of biology, genetics and DNA. It is therefore a religious belief, whose enforcement by the state violates the First Amendment’s second clause by establishing a religion.

Messenger virus. A new threat for Facebook users. (June 2019)

Facebook Messenger virus continued the work of previous variants in 2017. Victims receive a fake YouTube link from their contacts.[10] Once a person clicks on it, the virus redirects to a fake website that looks identical to Facebook. Here people are asked to enter their login details. As a result victim’s account is taken over by the hackers and the malicious message is forwarded to the whole victim’s contact list.