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Surprise, Surprise… I Sold 2 Artworks on Instagram

I followed a tutorial on how to set up my art work for sale on Facebook and Instagram. It is a very complex process, and it is kind of weird that you can’t see your store on your Instagram page from a computer, but can if you are on a mobile device. Anyway, I didn’t have much hope for sales online, since my venture in FASO.com and Fine Art America have not yielded much interest.

However, I just sold 2 pieces from the Instagram account last week, and I am very happily surprised. A couple from California moved to Texas and were looking for art for their new home and found my work. Just so joyful, as these have been my biggest dollar sales to date. I’ve sold many individual pieces from my art gallery at Arton12.com, but this couple bought two pieces. These were original oil paintings and I am so glad they found a home. Made my day. Wait, Made my Week! No, Made my Month! Thank you, patrons! And Thank You Lord!

Canyon De Chelly
El Capitan from the West

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