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The Decline and Fall of the United States

A nation that rejects its moral foundation is set adrift and will find itself incapable of governing. The chaos of unrestrained self-interest leads to moral chaos and a breakdown of the social fabric that unites a people. We are experiencing this breakdown before our very eyes.

FAA Lays off the Workers

Ain’t it just like the government? Lay off the people who actually do the work, but keep the bureaucrats in place??? Thank you Mr. President for punishing the American People for political advantage… Cynical, without a doubt.

Marathon Bombings, Fear and False Security

“We should pass a law against bombings! …Oh, yeah, we already have one…” You cannot prevent evil people, bent upon evil, from doing evil. They will find a way to do it. What they want to do is illegal already, and the absurdity of passing a law against the crime only provides people with a […]

Bluehost No Longer Recommended for WordPress

Bluehost.com has too many server outages and slowdowns now to recommend to my clients. This shared server solution for WordPress is not recommended. An Alternative for WebMasters is Pair.com

Sympathy for the Devil: Understanding Radical Islam and the Failure of Neo-Con Foreign Policy

Neo Conservative Foreign Policy led to failure primarily because it misunderstood, or ignored, the social, cultural, religious, and political nature of Middle Eastern society. It sought to impose western style secular democracy upon a tribal and religious culture.

The Danger of Executive Orders and a Universal Background Check

So, if a universal background check (UBC) is passed, and the president decides through executive order to stop processing background checks (or the system is shut down due to budget constraints, or due to natural or man made disaster), wouldn’t that put a universal gun ban in place immediately? Shouldn’t there be a provision in any bill that if the UBC is shut down for any reason, longer than 4 days, that the law becomes null and void?

Is England Really Safer Due to Control? Apparently Not!

Gun Control in England Leads to A Higher Crime Rate.

America’s Fragile Empire

The United States is at its most vulnerable point since the Cuban Missile Crisis. This vulnerability is largely due to our dependence on the infrastructure of computer technology powered by the eletrical grid.

Why Merit Pay for Teachers is an Incredibly Stupid Idea.

The main reason merit pay for teachers is a bad idea is that it provides absolutely zero consideration for parental irresponsibility. Thirty years ago, parents were expected to help children with homework, add discipline to correct misbehavior, and generally supported teachers and the school system with just punishments and consequences for misbehaviors like lying, cheating, stealing, talking back and disrespecting authority. Today, as I stated before, parent’s have said to my wife, a teacher, that they shouldn’t have to do homework with their children because “that’s your job,” meaning “the teacher’s.” With no reinforcement at home, no practice, not discipline, how can you even hope to measure a teacher’s performance?

Taxing the Rich? Who is Rich?

The President wants to tax the rich so that they pay their “fair share.”

The problem I believe is that many people no longer think $250,000 a year is rich. The cost of living in NYC or D.C. or San Francisco with minimum housing at $500k, the cost of just living is really overwhelming.