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God, Time, and Foreknowledge – How Can God Know the Future?

Time is a limited dimension, bounded by gravity and the speed of light. God exists above the limitations of the space-time continuum, and in fact created Time. Foreknowledge is possible to God because his existence is above the 4 physical dimensions we experience. His being in heaven is possibly like the 5th dimension, which is not subject to the limitations of natural time.

Beretta Bobcat 21 – Jamming Constantly

The .22 caliber Beretta Bobcat 21 is jamming constantly, even after being sent back twice to the factory for repairs.

Redfield Scope

An old scope with misaligned crosshairs needs to be replaced to prove that an older rifle is still as good as a new one.

Practicing with the LCR and Looking at Alternatives

The pull of the revolver makes it harder to shoot straight. Practicing with the Ruger LCR, but looking at the Beretta Bobcat for a ladies’ concealed carry. Or a gun small enough to fit in a man’s pocket.

Shooting the Ruger LCR – First Report

Trying out the Ruger LCR – our first field test makes us realize that the harder trigger pull of a double-action revolver makes it harder to hold on target than a pistol.