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Beretta Bobcat 21 – Jamming Constantly

UPDATE (Jan 2013):   Beretta replaced my friend’s Bobcat with a new one. There must have been something wrong with it to begin with. The new one, so far, is working perfectly.

Unfortunately, I have to revise my previous review of the Beretta Bobcat, and downgrade it. From our experience, we can no longer recommend it as a reliable, concealed carry option. From my research online, we are not the only ones to have experienced a jamming problem with this model pistol.

This brand new, .22 caliber, Beretta Bobcat 21 has been sent back to the factory twice to fix a jamming problem. We’ve used the recommended ammunition: Winchester Wildcats and CCI Stingers, and various other versions and brands, all with the same result: this pistol constantly jams. We have followed the recommended oiling and cleaning, but nothing works. The pistol fails often to fire; it fails to eject. This video is our test after getting the gun back after the second factory “service.” We are very disappointed.

If you too are experiencing problems with your Beretta, let us know here. Also, interested to know if the higher caliber versions (.25 and .32 Tomcat) are more reliable due to increased powder.

One comment on “Beretta Bobcat 21 – Jamming Constantly

  1. I’ve owned one of these pistols Beretta 21 since 1990. It has never malfunctioned while using CCI Singer Ammo clean or dirty. It did fail to feed while using standard volicity remington ammo. I also own the Beretta .32 Tomcat. And it also has functioned without failure except when I tried an after market magazine, then it failed to feed.

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