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Paypal, Hacked-ID’s, Banks, & Lockouts – Verification Options are Terrible

I recently read in Forbes Magazine online about a PayPal user whose ID was hacked via mobile transactions, and the hacker used available credit in her bank account to make purchases because of the linkage. In a move of caution, I disconnected my bank from my PayPal account, but when I tried to make a purchase with money I already have in PayPal, the purchase was denied because I am no longer “verified.” I’ve been a member for years with no problems, and this situation really is unacceptable. I have credit cards linked to my account, but I don’t need to pay for the item with a credit card, since I have PayPal money. Yet to be verified I need to either get a PayPal credit card or add my bank back in, which I will not do.

I would like to be verified with my existing credit cards and do not want another credit card.
PayPal needs to change its verification to allow for non-Paypal cards to be used as a verification, or some way to allow users to use existing funds for purchases without linking to a back account.

What are the existing solutions? Use Google Pay instead?

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