About Jefferis Peterson

Jefferis Peterson, a Web pioneer, produced one of the first magazines distributed over the Internet in 1993. The e-journal was called O Theophilus. It was distributed on Common Ground with graphics and text for Windows and Macintosh users.

Jefferis was also one of the first to produce full academic courses for the internet. He became a developer of online education services for The Center For Biblical Literacy, and he worked with that agency until 1998. Some of this early work is now available on The Scholar’s Corner

Jeff’s full time business is Peterson Design Studio, a web design and marketing company whose clients are scattered all across the US. While the majority of his clients are jewelers, he also markets major manufacturers, real estate companies, construction companies, lawyers, doctors, dentists, retailers and non-profit organizations.

Jeff’s avocations include music composition and painting and is in the gallery Art on 12, and displays his work at his own online gallery. https://Jefferis.Gallery.

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