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Return To Entourage – The Perils of Outlook 2011 on the Mac

The Eclectic Rant. Outlook has Crashed with Error 255 – Warning to all: Stay AWAY From Outlook If you followed my previous attempts to flee Entourage for a faster, safer and more current email program, you may remember that I have tried and liked Postbox 2, but was not sold on it because of the […]

Apple Hates Christians – Boycott Apple

Apple displays bigotry and hatred towards Christian Beliefs. It seeks to censor Christian points and views and censor those who have traditional family and moral values. Apple calls those who hold traditional values “offensive.” The only hope is a boycott.

Returning to Entourage… for now…

After a long test of Postbox, I’m returning to Entourage for now.

Transitioning to Postbox – Day 19

The Transition Process from Entourage to Postbox. Setting up, importing mail, creating filters, finding bugs, and cosmetic issues.

Re-evaluating Postbox – Day 17

Switching from Entourage to Postbox, Postbox features and quality are outstanding.

Powermail Day 10, Powermail is losing favor :-(

Powermail is showing its age and possible frailty.

Powermail 6 day 5 – moving from MS Entourage

Powermail 6 differences from MS Entourage on the Mac

Moving Email databases the Long Way – migrating to Powermail from Entourage

It took all day Okay, the long and the short of it is that every export option I tried to Powermail failed at some point or another. Exporting from Mail to Mailbox archives produced unreadable files in Powermail. Importing directly from Mail databases caused Powermail to stall on the first folder with subfolders of my […]

Entourage Replacements

The trials of transferring mail databases out of Microsoft Entourage into Powermail, Apple Mail, and Postbox.

Entourage is Dead! Microsoft Loses it’s way with Mac Customers…

Microsoft’s per installation fee for Office 2011 on the Mac is a deal killer.