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An Alternative to Adobe Business Catalyst: Shopify

An Alternative to Adobe Business Catalyst: Shopify

Moving From Adobe Business Catalyst: A Solution in Shopify As I wrote previously, in Adobe Abandons Another Product, those of us who relied upon Business Catalyst for our clients’ e-commerce solutions were jolted out of our complacency by the sudden announcement that Adobe would be dumping the program. While Business Catalyst was hopelessly behind the […]


Adobe has cancellation fees hidden in the fine print of Creative Cloud! Don’t sign up if you don’t want to be bullied or tricked by their evil marketing.

Limitations of the Creative Cloud for Rural Internet – Adobe Community

Download CC to a flash drive to Port to desktop? | Adobe Community. I have moved to a rural area with top speed of 1.5Mbps. I am finding that I cannot download Creative Cloud products because it either takes too long (overnight sometimes) and/or my computer will go to sleep or time out even when […]

#1 Complaint(s) about Business Catalyst Missing Features

Complaints about Missing Features Business Catalyst for the Web Designer. A review of Business Catalyst for the newcomer.