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adobe takes the protection racket to a new levelI can’t believe it. I am a long time user of Adobe products, all the way back to the early 90’s. I own the CS6 Master Suite. Then Adobe switched to its subscription model.  As a Suite owner, I was able to sign up for a reduced rate for the first year and then continued a subscription for the next year.  I decided that I did not use all the Suite products, so I decided I would change my subscription to only the 3 products I use.  Whoa!  You can’t reduce your subscription. You can only buy more.

You have to cancel your current plan and start another one. BUT if you cancel your current plan, you are faced with a cancellation fee!  I was warned if I cancelled my plan, I would have to pay a $160 early cancellation fee!!!  I have been had. It sounds like I’ve signed up for a cell phone contract! I’ve been paying month by month…

Has Adobe entered the world of the cell phone mafia???     I will NEVER recommend Adobe to any of my clients or friends… I’ve been paying a month by month fee for 1.5 years.

I wonder if their marketing is done by the Al Capone:  Pay up or else!  Aside from that, Adobe has structured it so that if any of your documents are in the current version of their Creative Cloud plan, they are not backward compatible to your older versions.

Anyone feel like they want to get addicted to heroin?  Then sign up for Creative Cloud. It will keep you high as long as you are willing to keep paying for a hit.

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