Shovel Ready? Yes.. for Chinese Companies Taking Jobs from US Labor

President Obama’s great Stimulus giveaway not only was given to insolvent companies like Solyndra; billions of dollars went to Chinese companies importing Chinese workers to work on US State funded projects like bridges and roadways. In other words, the Great Stimulus was diverted away from US workers and US labor, and was given away to our greatest economic competitor. This ABC News broadcast should be part of every Mitt Romney campaign ad. It is shameful  that in our attempts to restore the American worker, our tax dollars went to subsidize Chinese, state owned, companies.

2 comments on “Shovel Ready? Yes.. for Chinese Companies Taking Jobs from US Labor

  1. Note that they DECLINED federal funding in order to hire the foreign contractors. So no federal stimulus funds were used in this manner. It would violate federal law otherwise. The shame is that the state of California decided to outsource some of the work to China and decline federal funding.

    • Do you think the Federal stimulus money California then used for other things, enabled them to free up other money to spend on this project? California received $25 billion in Fed Stimulus money… So, what’s a mere $7 here and there thrown to the Chinese?

      In PA, we have a law that public projects must use US labor and companies….

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