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Shovel Ready? Yes.. for Chinese Companies Taking Jobs from US Labor

President Obama’s Stimulus Money given to Chinese Companies.

How’s That Apology Tour Working Out for You Now, Mr. President?

The President’s apology tour backfires. An Arab Spring has turned into an Arab Winter. And in spite of all our “help” with the overthrow, the people we “helped” have turned against us. The Neo-Cons did not understand the Middle-East’s resistance to Western style secular democracy; Apparently, the Neo-Marxists did not understand that sympathy to Muslim interests would not help us win friends and influence people.

Giving Money to the Government in Taxes is Like Handing Out Cash to a Drunk

Democrats want to solve our 16 trillion dollar debt by raising taxes. Giving the government more money in taxes is like handing out cash to a drunk on the street. You hope he will use it to by food, but you know good and well he is only going to spend it on more booze.

Republican War on Women?

A Republican War on Women? And killing all those little girls waiting to be born isn’t? Murdering little baby girls is the real war on women.

Whitehouse Birth Certificate is Indeed a Forgery

The Obama Birth Certificate on the Whitehouse website has all the indications of being a forged document, with layers completely retained in Adobe Illustrator.

Why Unions Should Be Against Illegal Immigration

Eight Illegal Alien Workers Hired for Public Construction The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Tues. Dec. 28, 2010, p. 1). Eight illegal aliens in a van were arrested on the Pennsylvania Turnpike today when the van was stopped for a broken windshield. The men were on their way to work at a publicly financed housing project in Jeannette. […]

TSA Pat Downs – Profiling Doesn’t Sound So Bad Now, Does it?

Profiling causes less infringement on personal freedoms than TSA pat downs and invasive scanning.

Why Merit Pay for Teachers is a Bad Idea

Why Merit Pay for Teachers will not work: it does not account for parental involvement and responsibility, and it will pit teachers against poor performing students.