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TSA Pat Downs – Profiling Doesn’t Sound So Bad Now, Does it?

What Price Are We Willing to Pay for “Security”?

Groin groping, nude scanning, breast grabbing… all citizens are made to pay a high price for avoiding the obvious. For the sake of lame-brained political correctness, we won’t do what is the most logical choice. What is that choice that would prevent not only an inconvenience to the large majority of the US population, but which would also protect their civil liberties?  Profiling.   End of argument.  Anything else just shows our unwillingness to state the obvious: Islamic fanatics want us dead. Have you been to Pakistan or Yemen or Somalia recently?  Then you need extra scrutiny. If you’ve lived all your life in Omaha and are a grandmother, then you get a pass.  This isn’t rocket science folks; it is just common sense. Something, apparently, our legal-political ruling class seems to lack in great abundance.

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