Pair.com and WordPress – update

I received this reply from Pair about my slow WP install, which apparently can be remedied by buying an extra software manager (access to the Software Installation Manager costs $2.95/month which is really kicker when you are already paying $360 a year for a webmaster account) :

Thank you for contacting pair Networks.
I see that you do not have the Software Installation Manager on your account, so I assume you installed WordPress manually. If the files you are trying to update were created manually by your username, WordPress may not be able to update them on its own. WordPress (or PHP in general) would try to do so as the username nobody. The username nobody would not be able to write to files owned by your username, and vice versa.
You can instruct WordPress to write to files with your username using php-cgiwrap. Our Knowledge Base explains how to set that up:
After you have PHP running as you username you may want to have us change ownership of any files owned by nobody to your username. That would allow PHP to write to them.

All fine and dandy, but the mods you have to make to php-cgi to fix my situation may not be worth the time it takes to make it.  I hate messing around with base code.

8 comments on “Pair.com and WordPress – update

  1. Did you ever get this fixed? I am currently running into the same problem and I’m not sure what to do.

    • No. I have a fix, but have not applied it. The fix would be to export the entire site from WordPress, turn on the Software Installation Manager, Install the latest version of WP in your account and then import the site and reactivate the plugins. Don’t know if that will preserve things like photo galleries, forums and directories, but you may have to export the databases as well. I started using asmallorange.com for some of my client sites and I was able to import an existing WP to there without a problem. Same problem might exist though for forums and galleries. There may be a more advanced plugin that will export the whole thing for you. I know ASO has cPanel and it can import databases. Don’t know about Software Installation Manager, but I it might be able to…

  2. I see a lot of posts about how great Pair is, but they sure make you jump through hoops just to put of a simple dang WP site. They don’t have phpMyAdmin running for my domain so there was a weird url I had to go to to export and import a sql db; but there was nothing in the support files about it…I am not impressed.

    • FWIW, I hate phpMyAdmin on websites. It is kludgy, slow and not worth the effort. It is better to have remote access. I use Navicat… http://navicat.com/
      And it works well for my database needs on pair or any other host that grants you remote access.

  3. The fix in http://kb.pair.com/f25 really does work, takes only about 10 minutes, and does NOT require any recoding of WordPress files. The only thing you have to do is copy one file and then create or edit your .htaccess file (which should be located in your WordPress root directory) as described in the KB. After that, WP can update, and can install plugins and widgets. This is from my personal experience justr last week.

  4. I also use pair and have the same problem. I found it simplest just to upload the new plugin versions directly, by manually using ftp, and then unzipping the plugin. I’m going to try lmoseley’s link though … just what I’m looking for.

    • The issue with Word Press is solved for me by using their software management system to do the installs. I manage several websites so the extra .$2.95 a month is worth it for me. It avoids the ownership issue.

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