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How’s That Apology Tour Working Out for You Now, Mr. President?

 The killing of the U.S. ambassador leaves Obama with a diplomatic crisis that threatens to undermine his long-term strategy in the Arab world. – Wash Post

Hostage Crisis in Iran

Ya think?   How is that nicer, better America working out for you, making peace with Islam and the Arabs and all that?  How’s that apology tour working out for you? Why aren’t they all now your friends Mr. President, now that you have dissed Israel and chosen sides?  What? The dog you fed, turned and bit your hand?  What, you didn’t learn anything from Neville Chamberlain?  No, you went to the Ivory Tower, without ever having had a real job. You sucked at the teats of Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Saul Alinsky, learned communist ideology,  and believed everyone would love you because you are the Messiah.  You had an identity crisis when you were growing up, not knowing if you are black or white, but you never suffered persecution. All your troubles were in your own mind. Everything was given to you, and you never had to work for anything. So you have no clue about the hard truths of war and evil and suffering. You adopted your father’s pain, the father that you never knew, by crying on his grave and summoning his demons, and they entered you, and gave you a hatred for the British and everything American. You have become the Manchurian Candidate and are doing everything in your power to fulfill Bill Ayers’ dream.

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