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Giving Money to the Government in Taxes is Like Handing Out Cash to a Drunk

English: In the United States, Social Security...

English: In the United States, Social Security benefits compared for younger vs. older workers. According to author Joseph Fried, this graphic uses information from: C. Eugene Steuerle and Adam Carasso, “The USA Today Lifetime Social Security and Medicare Benefits Calculator,” (Urban Institute, October 1, 2004), from: http://www.urban.org/publications/900746.html. Note: The calculator does not include the value or cost of the Social Security disability program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Democrats want to solve our 16 trillion-dollar debt by raising taxes.  Giving the government more money in taxes is like handing out cash to a drunk on the street. You hope he will use it to by food, but you know good and well he is only going to spend it on more booze.  The only way to get the government sober is to go cold turkey. Cut off the cash, force it to cut spending to essential, Constitutionally mandated services, and to deprive it of its addiction to the People’s money.   When in our history has giving Congress more money led to a cut in spending? When???  Not once. They spend every dime we give them and more so.

In the 1960’s, Congress was so hungry for more funds to expand social welfare that the raided the Social Security system and put it on a path to bankruptcy. Even worse, because they used the Social Security surplus to fund these programs, they had the audacity to declare that pension plan money part of their “balanced budget,” when, in fact, it was deficit spending.

Now the great economic plan of Barak Obama is to raise taxes, deprive small businesses of a profit, and spend more of the People’s money on fancy new programs to guarantee himself  votes and us,  national insolvency. If we, the People, vote for this illusion of prosperity and limitless welfare, we will only have ourselves to blame when we turn into Greece: China calls our loans, and, overnight, there is a run on the banks  as other nations withdraw their cash because they have stopped believing in the  pretense of our solvency.

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