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Why Unions Should Be Against Illegal Immigration

Eight Illegal Alien Workers Hired for Public Construction
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Tues. Dec. 28, 2010, p. 1).

Eight illegal aliens in a van were arrested on the Pennsylvania Turnpike today when the van was stopped for a broken windshield. The men were on their way to work at a publicly financed housing project in Jeannette. These men were carpenters hired by one of the subcontractors. What is wrong with this picture?

  1. Union workers were not hired for a public works project.
  2. The wages paid were lower than what would be paid to union carpenters.
  3. Union carpenters are unemployed, and lose their jobs to non-union, non-legal aliens, who are paid, perhaps, under the table (the company that hired them, hopefully is being investigated).
  4. The framing company that hired them (O.C. Cluss) runs framing crews in four states.
  5. The company that uses O.C. Cluss (AdelphoiUSA) has public projects in 7 cities in PA.
  6. Tax revenues and Social Security taxes from underpaid, or unreported!, income is lost to the state and to the federal government.
  7. The illegal aliens were turned over to immigration, who fingerprinted them, photographed them, and then released them to their own recognizance with the instruction to reappear before the court at a later date. (Oh Yeah, like that’ll happen!)

Unions and union workers are being hurt by illegal immigration. Tax revenues are lost. Jobs are lost. Unemployment is increased because those who work for less and are paid under the table take jobs from those who work by the rules. Illegal immigration hurts union workers!

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