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I Was in FedEx Jail for 3 Days

FedEx Jail

So, I ordered a piece of equipment from B&H Photo for our church. I have no complaints about them. Just praise. They were very helpful, answering all my questions as a novice Video man for our church. We settled on a good camera with accessories. All well and good. The equipment was to arrive on Friday.

My wife met the delivery man from FedEx at our gate as she arrived at the same time as he did. He gave her 2 of the three packages, but could not find the third, which was the camera. He told us it would be delivered on Saturday. Not his fault, obviously. Someone did not load it on the truck.

Here is where the jail begins. My wife and I were working the front yard all Saturday, awaiting delivery. We got a note that a delivery was attempted at 1:39 pm but no one was home. That was a total fabrication. We were in the front yard at that time. No one came to our home. Plus, rather than just deliver it to our porch, a signature would be required. So, we had to be there.

I called FedEx to complain about this discrepancy, and the customer service rep said it would be rescheduled to be delivered later that day, by 8 pm. We waited… and waited… and waited… and waited…. No delivery. We wasted the rest of the day waiting on FedEx.

We get to church on Sunday and get a text message that it was going to be delivered that day. So, we turn around, leave church at the start of the service and head home; knowing we either have to sign for the package or drive 50 miles (25 there and back) to pick up the package at the FedEx warehouse. It is now 1 pm… 2 pm… 3 pm…. Can’t do any other errands or other things we had planned. No, we are captive awaiting FedEx to deliver a package so we can sign for it… 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock, 6… Nothing

Finally at 7:50 pm, I see the truck out side the driveway and walk out to meet him. I see the driver’s assistant sling the package over our walking-in gate, get back in the truck and drive away. No signature required!

Can you tell, I’m a bit upset? Just wanted to vent to that hopefully someone from FedEx reads this and they improve their services. BTW, have not had these issues with UPS. Just saying.

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