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Twitter Spam (a.ka. Verbal Diarrhea) on Linkedin

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Linkedin is a service for making business connections. In your profile, it is appropriate to update your work status, new projects, trainings and job applications, but by attaching your Twitter account to your Linkedin profile, you can easily spam your contact list with all sorts of irrelevant material.  In other words, I don’t want to hear about what you ate for breakfast, or what you are feeling about clouds today.  If I became one of your twitter followers, then I’d be asking for it. But I linked to you for business, not to endure an inept use of social media, and be spammed by every passing thought that goes through your vacuous head.

Yesterday morning, I went to my Linkedin home page and found 25 tweets about junk I did not care about from a casual contact. This abuse defeats the purpose of having a Linkedin account.   I was initially given instructions from LI Answers saying that there is no way to turn off one user’s tweets, but that was incorrect. There is a way to turn off one person by choosing HIDE next to one of their updates. (See below for an example.) However, I was advised to make an appeal to the specific user to modify their tweet settings, which I did, since using Linkedin as a tweet receptacle is an abuse of the service. But teaching every user/abuser how to stop spamming could be time-consuming, so I am posting some instructions here:

Go to your Settings under your name in the top right corner of your home page. You will come to this page:

Finding Twitter Settings on LinkedinScroll down to your Twitter Settings and click on it and you will be presented with the following options:

Setting Tweets to #in OnlyChoose: Share only tweets that contain #in. If you choose the second setting, you have to intentionally post a tweet to your Linkedin account, and the rest of your tweets will only go to your followers. If you use this setting, you will save the rest of us a world of headaches. Be courteous. Be QUIET!

Here is how to hide specific users’ updates from your wall:

Hide Tweets from a specific user on Linkedin

Click to Hide Tweets from a specific user on Linkedin

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