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Hookers and Whores

Why do we call them “hookers and whores”
When they take off their clothes behind closed doors,
But call them actors and actresses when so brazenly
They do the same for all the world to see?

They say it is for their “Art”
When we all know the better part
It is a barter for their souls
To be bought and sold
With the same earthly treasure
Spent to serve a man’s pleasure
Paid to those of a “profession” more despised
On whom we look with downcast eyes

They no more are artists than those who bump and grind
And rub themselves upon a pole
With deceitful eyes they gloat with pride
To disguise the hole within their souls.

These actresses reveal their flesh for men’s desire
Just like the women who undress for hire
They pretend to themselves with highfalutin words
But calling it “Art” is more than they deserve.

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