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Bothered by Robo Calls, try YouMail

“Don’t hang up. We have an important announcement about your credit…”

Ever heard that message on your cell phone? Does the caller look like it is coming from your area code and exchange? Are you frustrated, annoyed, and angry at your inability to block all these numbers, because every time you block one, they fake a new one? It is like  being attacked by horseflies.  You swat them away but they keep coming back to take a bite out of your flesh.

Well about eight months ago I found an app for my phone called YouMail. It  is an app that works both on Android phones and iPhones.  It is relatively easy to set up and the best thing about it, it is free for blocking calls of known or suspected spammers. It also is free for up to 10 transcripts of legitimate calls per month. If you are a business user or hearing impaired, there are paid plans that will have unlimited transcriptions.

YouMail works in concert with your telephone company and you must set it up with your permissions to intercept calls  before they reach your phone, but dang is it worth it!! I figure it has blocked at least 10 calls a month.

What happens if a robo-spammer calls you, it may ring once but is immediately disconnected.    I highly recommend this program for anyone who is sick of being harassed by the invisible demons of telemarketing.  And by the way, it works MUCH better than the Do Not Call government list, which only seems to attract the robots. 😦

Click here to go to their website. If you sign up for a plan, it may help underwrite this blog.

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