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Apple Decides it is Okay to Discriminate Against Christians

Apple’s Recent Decision to Ban the Manhattan Declaration App Represents a New LOW in the Control of Thought, Debate, and Left Wing Orthodoxy

An Open Letter to Steve Jobs:

Dear Steve,

As a Mac owner since 1985, and a buyer of over 6 macs and hundreds of software purchases, and a recent buyer of an iPad and a long time subscriber to .me .mac,  I am greatly distressed to learn that a group of communist style, 1984 group think bosses got the Manhattan Declaration app banned.

If that is hate speech, it is hate speech directed against ME and 500,000 other people who have signed the declaration, and makes me wonder if Apple is now part of the Thought Police of the apparatchik in a culture war for the left wing.

I am putting off purchase of an iPhone and am reconsidering my long time loyalty to the mac platform. If Apple decides I am part of a hate group, and doesn’t recognize the bigotry against me and my religious beliefs and my First Amendment rights, then I may be force to go Google Droid and curtail my otherwise fanatical mac enthusiasm.

On hold right now are:

  • Upgrade to iLife 11
  • Upgrade to Aperture 3
  • An iPhone,
  • Apps for my wife’s new iPad, other than the free ones.

Please grow some and stand up to the thought police of the radical left and recognize your market contains both types of people and that you had better not start picking on the larger demographic to satisfy the wanton bitterness of a few vengeful people.



Jefferis Kent Peterson

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