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The Politics of Envy and a Culture of Greed

To covet is to desire to possess what rightfully belongs to another. It is not simply admiring what another has, but is the desire to take it. Covetousness is a form of greed. You don’t have to be rich to be greedy. You can be poor and greedy, and you can be poor and envy what others have. We now have an entire political party dedicated to stoking the fires of envy and greed, and its chief strategy is intent on dividing Americans by stirring up envy towards the rich. It also appeals to people’s greed

Common Sense, Common Man vs. Harvard Intelligentsia

Sarah Palin is roundly hated by the Left, the media elites, Republican Blue-Bloods, and the political intelligentsia who want the country to be run by people who “know what’s best” for the common man. Those who should run the country, in their eyes, are Harvard and Yale educated wunderkinds, like Geithner, Paulson, the investment house of Goldman Sachs, and all the wonderful people who gave us derivatives, cap and trade, Enron, bailouts, the housing crisis, and stimulus packages.