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#TimesUp and Black Dresses

#TimesUp and Black Dresses

#timesup black dresses? Actions speak louder than words or symbolic gestures. But that is the Hollywood mindset.  It might be more convincing if you stopped taking off your clothes when you make movies or model. Actresses are partly responsible for the hypersexualized culture that turns women into objects. It isn’t art, it’s just glorified lust. […]

Why I Never Watched “How I Met Your Mother”

Why I Never Watched “How I Met Your Mother” and why I don’t care it’s over. the premise of the show was really weird… sit down and tell your children about all your sexual encounters before you met their mother…

A Christian Philosophy of Life – Part 1 | The Scholars Corner

A Christian Philosophy of Life – Part 1 Sex, Love, Desire, and the Just Measure – Discovering the Purpose of Life and a Life in Balance Introduction: The Love of Wisdom In ancient Greece, the first schools of philosophy flourished. They were called academies, or colleges, and their goal was to prepare young people to […]