DECT 6 Phones and Disconnects: Can You Hear Me Now?

DECT 6 Phones’ Major Problems: Dropped and Disconnected Calls

Panasonic KX TG9333T – Cordless

Panasonic KX TG9333T – Cordless
phone w/ call waiting caller ID &
answering system – DECT 6

DECT 6 Phones’ Major Problems: Dropped and Disconnected Calls. Related to Cable Modem Services?

Symptoms of DECT Failings:

  1. Call comes in. Pick up on one ring, phone disconnects from base unit, and call is dropped.
  2. Call comes in or call out. Switch to speaker, call is dropped, phone loses link to base.

I thought it was just me and a bad phone system, but it is not. It appears to be such a widespread problem with DECT 6 phones that many people are complaining about this very issue.
It isn’t just one brand either, or one model of a phone. The problem is so pervasive that Panasonic has a set of instructions on how to “fix” the disconnects and dropped calls:

Verify if the phone cord is connected directly from the base of the phone to the wall jack. Remove any accessories such as Caller ID Boxes, other phones from the same jack, splitters, couplers or T adapters.

Change the line mode of the unit using the handset. Please follow the procedure below.
1. Press MENU POUND, and then 122.
2. Set the line mode to B if it is on A or set it to A if it is on B.
3. Press SAVE, then OFF.

As a last option, please move the phone to another known working wall jack and replace the phone cord, and see if the phone works there.

The problem with this fix is that it may work for day or two but the problem just reappears. I bought this set of Panasonic KX TG9333T in 2003 and it has been nothing but trouble for me. I have replaced one, two, and then entire set under warranty with Panasonic. They do not know what the cause is nor how to fix the problem. I had to replace one phone because the battery burned up inside. As I read the consumer complaints on Amazon, there still is no fix for this issue, but DECT phones are now just about all you can buy in the stores.

Interestingly, I had no problems with a Panasonic 5.8 GHz phone that I used for several years, until I wore out the earphone jack.

Are Cable Modems, DSL Modems, or VOIP/Internet Phone Services to Blame?

I raise this question, because there isn’t really any statistic on which type of phone services people have who are also having this disconnect issue. It could be that the problem is only manifest on homes that are using cable modems, DSL, and/or Internet phone service companies like Vonage.
If you are having a problem with DECT phones and are/or are not on VOIP, please comment.

8 comments on “DECT 6 Phones and Disconnects: Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. I have the same problem. Purchased a new Pansonic phone only because it was the only cordless phone with a headphone jack and bluetooth. But, I am having the same
    drop call issue that I had with the prior old Pansonic phones. I am using Verizon’s VOIP.

  2. I never had this problem until recently. The only difference is that I switched to Wave Broadband after typical land line connect. It’s driving me crazy. The call is okay for the first minute or so then starts dropping out. It’s intermittent so sometimes with patience I can finish the call and sometimes not. If there are any new solutions out there please let me know.

  3. Hi there! Did you receive any fix on this? I am having the same issues it’s just that I have a Motorola C404 Cordless Handset. It rings but it just drops out automatically even without answering it but it happens with this same symptom: Call comes in. Pick up on one ring, phone disconnects from base unit, and call is dropped.

  4. Deregistering my cell phone from the base unit solved the problem (so far).

  5. Have same issues with phone calls being dropped,also fades in and out.batteries are showing fully charged.receive messages saying return link to base o r message saying line is in use.followed the unplugging and battery removal procedure.even changed frequencies.still having issues.what’s next?

  6. We just got NBN and phone now VOIP but this is still happening especially putting on speaker loosing connection to Base. So frustrating. ..

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