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A recent article by Ed Stetzer pointedly describes the angst over the choosing of a new pope who is ‘traditional’ and ‘conservative’ New Pope Smokerather in doctrine instead of one who is ‘modern’ and ‘progressive.’  Now, I am not Catholic nor do I agree with all of their doctrinal beliefs, but I certainly congratulate the choice of this ‘old fashioned’ pontiff – not just because the Catholic church didn’t give into societal pressures but also because they are statistically smart.

Statistically, once a denomination or church gives into societal pressures to compromise on the truth of Scripture in order to gain converts or be more ‘relevant’ to society’s cultural norms that are contrary to the Bible, that church or denomination essentially put the final nails in their coffin.  In fact, those who hold to their ‘traditional’ beliefs in the authority of the Bible and preach God’s Word as God Word, are…

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