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Amazon Suppressing Reviews to Benefit Sellers!

I have reviewed many products on Amazon, but recently I got a notice that one of my reviews was suppressed at the behest of the seller, which has only 1 review, a 5 star. I was astounded. I gave the product a 3 star review, saying that while it looks nice, it does not deter real herons from attacking our koi pond, as it is advertised to do.  I protested to Amazon, which promised to get back to me, explaining the reason and justification for suppressing a legitimate review, but after 3 months,  I still have not heard back from them. I suspect that there is some collusion between Amazon and their larger retailers. So, I am just saying, BEWARE of glowing reviews.

Amazon suppressing legitimate review

Initial Question: Why was my REVIEW Suppressed??? I said the product looked good but did NOT deter real cranes from eating my fish. Why was my FAIR review removed and this one, perhaps a shill allowed???
Order #

02:28 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: The product is advertised as a decoy to deter herons, it did not work
02:28 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): Hello, my name is Michael. I hope you’re doing well. I am sorry to read that you have this issue. I’ll be happy to help you.
02:28 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: I think my review was fair.
Why was it allowed to be suppressed. I gave the product 3 stars.
02:29 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): I understand let me check on this
02:29 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: I’ve done many reviews. All fair and none mean.
02:32 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): sorry for the delay, I’m researching on this
02:34 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): Jefferis, this goes beyond what I can do, so I’ll transfer this to the department that can give you the answer you are looking for
I’ll email them this information and they will contact you back
02:35 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: Okay, thank you. This is the first time someone has suppressed my review and I think it not good for Amazon or for their business.
May I end the chat then?
02:38 PM PDT Michael(Amazon): sure, have a great day, I’ll send a confirmation email for the transfer to another department
02:38 PM PDT Jefferis Peterson: thank you
Thank you.

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