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France, Gun Control, And Terrorism

A Well-Armed Citizenry is the best defense against lawlessness and Terrorism

Military weaponry is completely illegal in France for private citizens, nevertheless 
“Bloomberg reports that weapons designed for military use, such as the Kalashnikov AK series, have been illegally flooding France over the past few years…
The number of illegal guns is thought to be at least twice the number of legal guns in the country. Weapons such as AK-47s can be bought for the equivalent of a few thousand dollars.
France does not have a “right to bear arms” — the right to privately own a gun is not protected by law. In order to purchase a firearm, one must first obtain a hunting or shooting sporting license that requires a psychological evaluation and regular renewal. Semi-automatic rifles that can hold more than three rounds, as well as rifles and handguns with military-grade calibers, require permits. Fully automatic weapons are completely illegal for civilians. If one purchases or possesses a gun illegally, the punishment is a maximum of seven years in prison, plus a fine.”
Our government, which can’t control illegal immigration or illegal drug trafficking…. wants gun control and to disarm its citizens? Who will have the guns then? If all the law-abiding citizens surrender their arms, who will be left with them? Criminals and Terrorists loose within a defenseless populace…. like in France. 
Paris is currently experiencing one of the worst terrorist attacks in modern history. Multiple shootings and explosions have left at least 60 people dead, according to…

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