Meryl Streep and Hollywood vs. The Rest of Us.

There is a good reason that actors and journalists are not respected, liked, or believed by the rest of middle America. They delegitimize the values of everyone who disagrees with them, and then have the audacity to claim the moral high ground and pretend that the ONLY good beliefs are their own. All the while, they claim to be tolerant and open, and especially more tolerant and open than anyone who holds different views than their politically correct and accepted ones.  Yet they can’t imagine that anyone else might have a legitimate point. So, they end up talking among themselves and never actually hear the beliefs of anyone who disagrees.

That is one of the major reasons the press and the pollsters got it so wrong.  They were talking to themselves in an echo chamber.  Everyone they talked to agreed with them.

It isn’t the fact that they disagree with the rest of us that is so annoying. It is the fact that they assume that because we disagree, that we are deplorable. That just makes us mad. It is so disrespectful, they just do see how to us they come across as so arrogant. It makes us disgusted.

Then Ms. Streep shows how completely she has imbibed of the Kool-Aid:  she repeats the meme from the Democrat/News Media outlets, a pure slam piece, as if it is fact and true, when it is clearly not:  Donald Trump did not mock a reporter’s disability.  But to repeat fake news as fact shows how and why the media’s slavish service to Democrat talking points causes such mistrust among the rest of us.

The media are not unbiased seekers of truth, but shills for leftist political causes. All the brouhaha and outrage over “fake news” is only by the left, which doesn’t realize or won’t admit that its own outlets are so biased that they are  also fake news.

So, the Russians released fake news… all that did was balance out the fake news from the major media: the Clinton News Network (CNN), All Barak Channel (ABC), National Barak Channel (NBC), etc…    And so what if the Russians tried to influence the election?  China funneled lots of money into the Bill Clinton campaign through its intermediaries. They all have an interest in influencing our democracy. It is nothing new.

And finally, as Americans, we are not worried about “foreigners.”  We are worried about foreigners with bombs, who are gang members and rapists and murderers (like the notorious M-13 from Mexico). We are worried about ISIS fighters being smuggled in over our borders with dirty bombs. We are not worried about immigrants. And yes, we are worried about Muslims from chaos areas that are using our compassion as a way to sneak in terrorists (just as they have already done in Europe).mrz122216-color_orig

So, yes, Hollywood, and yes, Ms Streep,  we would rather be considered deplorable than eat at the same pig trough that fills your palette. You think we only voted for Donald Trump because we hate the disabled and have no compassion for anyone but ourselves? Think again. You make your living by pretending to be other people, and you make lots of money doing it – more than most. And you want to tell us what to think and what to believe? Just whom do you think you are???

To the rest of us, you come across as smug, self-satisfied, judgmental, condescending, and self-righteous.  Everything you used to accuse of the religious conservatives, you yourself have become.  And that is the difference between us. Unlike you, we know we are not good. We are sinners and only God is Good, only God is right and only God is righteous. That means  we know that you are not good either. You are just pretending to be… just like you do in the movies.

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2 comments on “Meryl Streep and Hollywood vs. The Rest of Us.

  1. I watched Trump’s mimicry of the reporter, and his subsequent video claming innocence. I don’t buy it. My eyes do not deceive me as they are not clouded, as yours apparently are, by the idolatry of Mr. Trump. How you square that with Christian values baffles me.
    He has pulled off the greatest con in history, IMHO. Heaven help us. Glad most Christians see it my way. https://thinkprogress.org/major-christian-group-condemns-trumps-cabinet-picks-policy-agenda-ecac368a817d#.646klo54s

  2. did you watch the video embedded? His hand motions are similar when denoting confusion of generals and others. As another reporter had said, if Trump were mocking this reporter’s disability, he would have had his arm frozen in place, not waving, as the guy can’t wave it. He hadn’t met him in over 20 years and didn’t remember him. That doesn’t seem to be a fabrication. Aside from that, the National Council of Churches is a political organization that does not represent grassroots Christianity, just big denominations and organizations, which, from my very personal experience are just political organizations and not churches. I once applied to enter the Episcopal church in DC, and was told by the Bishop… “you are not black or a woman, we don’t need you.” So much for recognizing the calling of God.
    Most Christians don’t see it that way, and that is why he got elected. That isn’t a referendum on his personal character or behavior, just a rejection of the elitist media telling the rest of us that we are bigots for daring to disagree with their views…

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