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WARNING: Do not buy from Walmart.com

I just had an eye opening experience with a purchase I made from Walmart online: they don’t accept returns in their stores if (and this is hard to tell from walmart.com) the item is sent or supplied by a third party! Unlike Amazon, which takes total responsibility for purchases through them, Walmart does not.

What happened was I bought a electrical plugin that was supposed to attract and kill mosquitos. It did not work. No insects were attracted. I tried to return it to my local Walmart and the very apologetic service agent said that they can’t take it back. Then he gave me a slip with a phone number of the third party supplier and was told to call them. And also this slip then tells you that return policies for third party suppliers differ from Walmart’s.  I.e., they may not take it back or will expect you to pay for restocking, etc.

On a $13 item, it is not worth it.  I tried to call the third party supplier. Got the answering machine. Left a message with name and phone number, etc.  No one called back after 5 days.   In the end, I went to my credit card company (Citi) and had to file a dispute.

Since my closest Walmart is 25 miles away, this is soured me on using Walmart as a competitor to Amazon, even if the price is lower.

Caveat Emptor!

UPDATE: I just remembered: this is actually the second time I’ve had a problem with Walmart.com in as many orders.  Several months ago I ordered some koi pond algae cleaner for $50.  My name and address were in the shipping receipt.  Inexplicably, the package was sent to somewhere in N. Carolina and I live in Texas!  I tracked the package to the address to which it was sent. I had no relationship to it or any idea who, how, or why it was sent there.  Customer service at Walmart did not know either.  

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