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Pair.com Saved My Bacon

In Praise of Pair Hosting

I did something really dumb yesterday. I wiped out 5 years of work on a site I created and maintained.  By mistake, I deleted the WordPress Database upon which the site relied.  All that was left was an empty index page.  My hands started to shake. I had that awful feeling in my stomach. There was no way to rebuild or repair all that work.   In desperation I called tech support at my hosting company, Pair.com. They have always been really helpful, but this one was a doozy.  What they needed was the database name I deleted! :-0    The trouble was, my configure files for WordPress were gone as well.

Fortunately,  I have a premium service for this site with Jetpack and it does offsite backup. But without the proper database to connect to, it cannot reload my backup. However, it has a copy of my wp-config file and I was able to retrieve my database name and host.

Graciously, and patiently, my tech rep at Pair told me he would send a ticket up to restore my database. He said it was more difficult to do for a single database on a shared DB server, so they had to know the name. Normally they backup the entire shared server and would have to pull my single DB out.

The good news is that after about an hour, my site was up and running again with no loss of data.

Thank YOU Pair.com and Thank You  Pair Tech Support.

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