Abuse of the Legal System to Stifle Free Speech

A local Hispanic family is being sued by the Biden admin for traveling alongside the Biden-Harris bus in Texas while flying the American Flag.  They are being sued under an ancient Texan KKK law, which is ironic, since they are Hispanic.  It is a corrupt attempt to use legal intimidation to shut down dissent.  The husband is a plumber, and they don’t have the money themselves to fight the huge war chest of the Biden campaign.   This family was picked to make an example of them to frighten off others who want to express their free speech. None of the organizers were sued, only a couple of families who did nothing more than ride alongside the bus. 

“Unfortunately, our Obama-appointed judge has denied our motion to dismiss the frivolous lawsuit and ruled we will go to trial by jury in Federal court. We continue to fight back to defend free speech rights for all Americans. “

If you are still interested in sharing our story, feel free to pass on this quick video: https://youtu.be/gnv7rBe8wts

Biden Campaign SUES FAMILY under K K K Law!!!Triggered Democrat politicians and Biden-Harris campaign staff (including a White House cabinet member) are suing a small town couple from Texas for exercisi…youtu.be

Or feel free to share our interview on Flashpoint on The Victory Channel which aired last week: https://fb.watch/ctqM9LWiJP/

The Victory Channel is LIVE with FLASHPOINT! 4.14.22The Victory Channel is LIVE with FLASHPOINT! 4.14.22 We are LIVE with FLASHPOINT. Host Pastor Gene Bailey is joined by John Graves, Robert & Joeylynn…fb.watch

2 comments on “Abuse of the Legal System to Stifle Free Speech

  1. As I recall, they were not “traveling alongside” the Biden campaign bus. I saw the video. They tried to run them off the road and almost caused an accident. That is not free speech!

  2. If you see the entire video, you will see one of the Biden trucks try to run them off the road.

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