An Alternative to Adobe Business Catalyst: Shopify

An Alternative to Adobe Business Catalyst: Shopify

Moving From Adobe Business Catalyst: A Solution in Shopify As I wrote previously, in Adobe Abandons Another Product, those of us who relied upon Business Catalyst for our clients’ e-commerce solutions were jolted out of our complacency by the sudden announcement that Adobe would be dumping the program. While Business Catalyst was hopelessly behind the […]

The Search for Utopia… Cleansing History

Idealism is a powerful motivator, especially in the young. The desire for a just, even perfect society, is resident in almost all of us. I was brought up with the ideals of the American experiment: truth, justice and the American way. American, the land of the free and the home of the brave, was dedicated […] Saved My Bacon Saved My Bacon

In Praise of Pair Hosting I did something really dumb yesterday. I wiped out 5 years of work on a site I created and maintained.  By mistake, I deleted the WordPress Database upon which the site relied.  All that was left was an empty index page.  My hands started to shake. I had that awful […]

Watch Out! Facebook Cloned Fakes of Friend’s Pages!

Facebook Friends’ pages are cloned and look like the real thing.

The Bold Beauty Project of Texas

Through the creative eyes of award-winning photographers, this project celebrates women who define beauty to include their abilities to boldly defy life’s challenges… challenges which may shape their daily lifestyles, but which can’t override the strength and courage of each project model. That is the real definition of beauty! This year, artists and volunteers began […]

WARNING: Do not buy from

WARNING: Do not buy from

Walmart does not accept returns from and takes no responsibility for products from third party providers!

Being  a Friend to God

Being a Friend to God

Covenant relationships mean that you share whatever you have if the other person has need of it. If you are good in publicity, but they are good in finance, your promote their business while they finance yours. You would never let your covenant partner starve while you have food. You would die before you let anyone harm them.