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If women use sex to sell their products, are they really liberated?

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don't buy the lie

Some have praised the hyper-sexed half-time show of the Super Bowl and some of the commercials as being “empowering to women” rather than objectifying and degrading women.  Yet, when a person responds to the so-called, “empowerment” the way the ads & half-time show in a way that congruent with the message being portrayed, the person gets fired for being inappropriate.  In other words, the objectifying of women as sex objects is not empowerment, no matter how much spin is put into the explanation to excuse away the use of sex to sell a product or person or show.

The sin nature within may be drawn to the “sex sells” products and advertisements, but there is another part of each person that would not want to see their own daughters or mothers or sisters reduced from a person to simply an object of lust.  Men and women were created…

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