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Aw, Snap! Switching Away from Chrome to Firefox

I’m a long time Mac user.  About 3 years ago, I switched from Safari to Google Chrome as my default browser .  There are a lot of nice features with Chrome and a good deal of utilities and plugins. However, over the past several months, I’ve noticed more and more instability with Chrome, and when I check my CPU usage, Chrome daemons are latching onto tons of memory chunks in the background.  I have noticed more Aw Snap! crashes on pages and finally, it is less friendly for inspecting web pages than is Firefox. I do a lot of CSS inspecting of pages, and for whatever reason, Firefox is much less confusing and just works.

It isn’t just me.  My partner at IGOTA, LLC has noticed the same thing on his Windows system. He is also switching to Mozilla Firefox.  So, to keep my system current, I exported my bookmarks from Chrome and uploaded them to Firefox. I’ll let you know if anything changes…

Google Crash on Pages

Google Crash on Pages

One comment on “Aw, Snap! Switching Away from Chrome to Firefox

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