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Review: TOMTOM GO with Lifetime Maps and Traffic — IS A NO GO!

TOMTOM has totally screwed up.  I bought a GO 2505 with Lifetime Maps and Traffic last year thinking this was a great deal.  However, their engineers are so incompetent that they have made it impossible to update your USA and Canada Maps.  I did one update in the Spring, but with the latest map 9.3, you cannot install it because it says the GO does not have enough memory on the device. To install the new map, you are supposed to remove the current map (9.25), but you cannot remove it because  the TOM must have one map installed at all times.  The website advice is to add an SD card while updating so that it appears you have more available memory. Well guess what, the 2505 doesn’t have a slot for an SD Card!   So my LifeTime Maps and Traffic is neither.
TOMTOM G0 is A NO GO - Fails to update
The Good: does a decent job of navigating, with a nice large screen.
It does give alternate suggestions regarding traffic.

The BAD:  TOMTOM is using incompetent programmers to create a situation where they have made it impossible to update your maps.

NOT HAPPY AT ALL…. Garmin anyone?  Anyone???
Bottom line: Don’t buy TOMTOM if you think you are getting life time maps and traffic!

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