Adobe abandons another product

adobe takes the protection racket to a new levelAdobe is abandoning Business Catalyst in 2019, leaving many customers locked into a proprietary database of customer records, inventory linked photos, and secure users, with no easy way to transfer to other services. This type of thing has happened way too often with Adobe. They buy something, then fail to put enough resources into it to make it cutting edge, and even less to keep it current. They did this with Macromedia (Dreamweaver/Fireworks/Flash) and now with Business Catalyst. Tech support was choppy, second rate service from India, many of whom didn’t understand the issues, or the company failed to provide the resources to make the product effective. I’ve moved on from Adobe for the most part. Very disappointed in them. Keeping old versions of products until they break and learning new products from other companies that are more focused, like Affinity and Pinegrow. Adobe is becoming the Microsoft of the Web: big, bloated, lacking focus and innovation, and focused only on large corporations that don’t understand what their developers do or need.

For clients I am working on alternative services and looking for the best way to integrate the databases.

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