Google Has Gone Pornographic

Lately, I swear, I am logged in to Google and have safe search set to “moderate” (which is recommended) and whenever I search for Youtube or Google videos, part of the finds are filled with unrelated results of pornography  with x-rated images and ads for  gay porn. This never used to happen. I had to switch to safe strict, but I’m thinking  if a person is not logged in, he has no safety settings. If your kids are searching online,  all the freaking filters are down, and they are putting all sorts of stuff that should be x-rated and adult-only for everyone to see.  I never used to see this type of stuff. Has Google lost its mind? 
It is crazy that it is this uncontrolled.  You would think that Google should set safety to “strict” by default unless you opt in to adult content…  This is weird beyond belief. Can you imagine your first grader using the community library computer to search for videos and getting these results? 

4 comments on “Google Has Gone Pornographic

  1. lol I understand how you’re feeling. The thing is that the only way for google to give you those results is because somebody used your computer (or more precisely the browser you’re using) to look at porn sites!

    Have you clean your browswer’s cache? (Delete all the cookies, etc).

    Google uses cookies, among other things, to remember what you’ve been viewing so it can later be suggested to you in search results.

    If there’s other people living under your roof, I suggest you investigate to see who’s been enjoying those sites and have a talk with that person. It’s easy for them to delete the history as to, they hope, not leave any trace of their endeavors. They probably haven’t learned that they can view those sites anonymously by using the private browsing lol

    In any case, one thing you should think of doing if you’re using a Windows O/S is to use the Parental Control (I think it comes with it, otherwise you can have it by simply downloading the whole MSN Messenger pack – sorry don’t remember the name – and in it you’ll find the Parental Control.

    You can also setup different accounts on your computer for the different members of your family. If you do so, you’ll be able to control which type of site that person has the right to access, as well as the amount of time they can spend on the computer and set the time between this and that hour of the day/night. Like that you’ll be more in control of your computer and what goes on when you’re not around.

    Besides that, you can always install a recording device that records everything that’s being done on your computer – you can later view that file and since it’s a video, you’ll probably be apt to see who exactly did the mischief in question lol

    If you think you’re the only one who has access to your computer, then I’d suggest changing your computer’s password (make sure it’s nothing related to your personal life and that it’s made out of an alphanumeric combination as well as having a mix of capital letters and lower-case letters.

    If you’re living alone, then I’m wondering if your home network and your computer are secure enough. It’s too easy to hack in home networks and computers, too, nowadays.

    Start your “investigation” by eliminating all the evident possibilities and work your way up to the more intricate ones. You’ll eventually find the cause of the problem and you’ll then know how to fix it.

    Good Luck 😉

    • Thanks for the comments. It is only my wife and myself at home, and she rarely uses the computer, so no need for parental controls. And we’re on a Mac, so it isn’t some kind of virus. But I will delete my cookies. I haven’t been on anything racier than the Internet Movie Database, although I may have clicked on something that wasn’t what I expected or wanted on YouTube. Clicked an ad for something that was supposed to be a bio, and the site was not what I expected. That has happened before. Because I had safety on, I didn’t think I would be fed anything that didn’t belong. I’m finding out that that isn’t necessarily the case!

  2. It’s sad that I can’t search any pics on Google now.
    Because pornography is everywhere though safe search is on.

    • I was told that somehow, even if you click on something unintentionally risky, Google then has it stored in cookies to feed more of that to you. You have to delete the browser history and the google cookies to restore your safe search settings.

      We need a family friendly search engine to compete with Google that only allows G rated materials….

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